Additional Info

  • 3DWalkThru cameras have some performance restrictions. This can vary on the type of property being scanned. Please be aware that:

    • 3DWalkThru’s require the entire dwelling to be connected via doorways (If a suite isn’t connected by an interior doorway, it cannot be included in the walkthrough. An additional model for the suite can be added for $30 + $0.04 per sqft).

    • 3DWalkThru’s cannot be edited, therefore the home must be in photo ready condition for the set appointment time. (If a room requires updating at a later date, the entire house must be scanned again and billed as a new session).

    • 3DWalkThru’s can only be done in the interior of the property. We are unable to scan outdoors, but we can scan garages with the door down and will add that to the total square footage.

    • The camera does NOT allow for shooting in direct sunlight so windows facing direct sunlight and without coverings may experience overexposure.

    • The 3DWalkThru’s are very sensitive to movement so all animals need to be caged or taken out of the home during the session

    • There is a limit of 200 scans per property.

  • All virtual tours (excluding 3DWalkThru’s) and slideshows are hosted online by for as long as the home is listed (Realtor must notify CV Home Tours when they want listing removed).


  • 3D WalkThru’s are hosted for 3 months after the listing has sold or expired. If you want to keep the session active beyond 3 months for an expired listing, a $50.00 per year hosting fee will be charged to your account.


  • Photos are sent the next business day and 3DWalkThru’s will be active within 2 business days.


  • Photos will be emailed using an online file folder system and full rights are given to Realtor for use in marketing.


  • CV Home Tours reserves the right to use images in marketing purposes related to CV Home Tours.

  • All images taken by CV Home Tours are the property of CV Home Tours.



  • 24 hour cancellation policy. All appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

  • Rainy day sessions receive a courtesy exterior re-shoot on the next available non rainy day.